Restek® Learning Network

Well-trained chromatographers make productive analysts — and the widely acclaimed Restek® Learning Network (RLN) offers training solutions to fit every level of expertise, budget, schedule, and analytical topic. The RLN provides a variety of educational and networking opportunities to help you reduce guesswork, improve throughput and reliability, and raise your confidence in generated data.

Restek® Learning Network Locations

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Seminars:  Each full-day course delivers a wealth of information and networking opportunities in a professional, non-promotional, multimedia format with animated illustrations and problem-solving exercises that reinforce your understanding of important principles. In-person, instructor-led training (ILT) features a mixture of introductory, intermediate, and advanced elements that makes these presentations suitable for chemists of all experience levels, from beginners in chromatography to experienced analysts.

On-Site Training:  Bring the RLN right to your lab! Our on-site seminars provide an excellent opportunity to train multiple analysts at once with reduced costs and no travel time. Restek experts can present existing seminars or teach material customized to tackle your specific analytical challenges based on your direction. Dates, duration, and topics are incredibly flexible. Request a quote for a seminar at your site.