Featured Application: Aldehydes and Ketones in Air Samples on Raptor ARC-18 and C18 LC Columns

To help labs improve analytical speed and accuracy, Restek has developed LC columns and instrument conditions that reliably provide baseline separation of commonly analyzed DNPH derivatives of aldehydes and ketones in air samples in just minutes. Using these products and procedures assures fast, accurate determination of aldehydes and ketones in air and offers an opportunity for improved sample throughput compared to typical methods.
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Airmail, vol. 2014 vol. 1

This 4-page newsletter includes an update on possible changes to the U.S. EPA Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations (PAMS) program, as well as a new single column method for PAMS testing that can significantly simplify analysis. Also features tips on extending canister lifetime and information on the powerful TO-Clean high-capacity canister cleaning system. (PDF - 0kB)
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Alicat Whisper Flow Calibrators Sales Sheet

Alicat Whisper flow calibrators let you quickly and precisely verify air or gas flow rates generated by vacuum or pressure before going into the field. Available in portable and lab-based models. (PDF - 901kB)
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Analysis of Nicotine and Impurities in Electronic Cigarette Solutions and Vapor

Despite the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes, relatively little work has been done to characterize their vapor. In this study, we developed a quick, simple thermal desorption device for sampling vapor, as well as methods for analyzing vapor and solutions to determine nicotine content (GC-FID) and impurity profiles (GC-MS). This novel approach, which utilizes an Rtx-VMS column, provides detectable levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and semivolatile organic compounds (SVOCs) from a single 40 mL puff. (PDF - 0kB)
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Aura Personal Air Samplers— New Approach for Industrial Hygiene

The Aura personal air sampler from Restek is setting a brand new benchmark in sampling technology. This innovative passive sampling device is designed to meet OSHA and NIOSH requirements, while overcoming the limitations of sorbent tubes and badges. The Aura sampler offers broader utility and a wider effective range with no risk of breakthrough. (PDF - 0kB)
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Gas Sampling Bags: Cost-Effective Alternatives for Air Sampling

Gas sampling bags can be a cost-effective alternative to canisters and thermal desorption tubes for many air sampling applications, including VOCs and permanent gases. This 4-page flyer provides general guidelines, product specifications, and recommended applications. (PDF - 2349kB)
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Guide to Whole Air Canister Sampling

Ambient air sampling involves collecting a representative sample of ambient air for analysis. There are two general approaches: 1) “whole air” sampling with canisters or Tedlar bags and 2) “in-field concentration” sampling using sorbent tubes or cold traps. In this guide, we focus on collecting whole air samples in canisters, a flexible technique with many applications. (PDF - 0kB)
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High Capacity TO-Clean Canister Cleaning System Improves Lab Efficiency

Cut cleaning time in half with a TO-Clean air canister cleaning system. This high-capacity unit hold twice as many air cans as similar products and is fully automated and easy to use. You can create and save custom cleaning programs that ensure consistency and make operation as easy as pressing start and walking away. (PDF - 0kB)

Meeting NJ Low Level TO-15 Air Testing Method Requirements

The NJ Low Level TO-15 air testing method is based on U.S. EPA Method TO-15, but it has some differences that make it quite challenging. The broader calibration range (0.2–40 ppbv) is particularly difficult to meet. In this application note, we focus on the method’s analytical requirements and demonstrate how to meet them using a Markes Unity with CIA Advantage and a 30 m Rtx-VMS column.

New Market Opportunities for VOC Air Sampling Labs

VOC testing laboratories can expand into new markets using existing air sampling canisters and thermal desorption tubes, due to the broad applicability of these techniques.

Rtx-VMS GC カラムによるキャニスター中大気試料の極性VOCおよび分離が難しいVOC分析の最適化


Rapid Determination of TO-15
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Air

The efficacy of using a Nutech preconcentrator and a 30 m analytical column for VOC analysis of air samples according to Method TO-15 was evaluated. Results demonstrate that method criteria were easily met and in much faster analysis times than typical methods based on 60 m columns.
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Restek Ultra-Clean Resin

Restek-exclusive Ultra-Clean resin is a great alternative to XAD-2 resin for sampling semivolatiles. Learn more about how our GC-tested resin, as well as our polyurethane foam (PUF) plugs, can help you with your ambient, indoor, and industrial hygiene air-sampling applications. (PDF - 0kB)
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Sampling with Thermal Desorption Tubes Has Never Been Easier

Restek offers sampling options for every thermal desorption application, including grab and time-integrated sampling, single-tube pumps, multi-tube sequential samplers, and manual or battery-operated powered units. (PDF - 0kB)
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Ship Our Rugged Air Canisters at No Extra Cost

Air sampling canisters from Restek are durable, easy to use, and highly inert. They weigh just grams more than canisters from other vendors and cost the same to ship. Check out this weight and cost comparison to see for yourself! (PDF - 766kB)
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Step Up to Rocker and Chemker Vacuum Pumps from Restek

Restek offers Rocker and Chemker vacuum pumps and accessories. Perfect for a wide range of applications, these pumps are quiet, reliable, and available in oil-free and chemical-resistant options (PDF - 0kB)

Storage Stability of 66 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Silicon-Lined Air Canisters for 30 Days

The recoveries of 66 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) typically analyzed as part of the EPA Method TO-15 were evaluated for two commercially available silicon-lined (SL) air canisters. For the majority of the 66 VOCs, there were no appreciable differences in recoveries and stabilities between the canisters for both dry and humid conditions over 30 days of storage. Acrolein, dibromochloromethane, and bromoform were the only three compounds that appear to be unstable in both SL canister types; however, only under the humid (93% RH) condition.

Sulfur Compound Stability in Air Sampling Canisters: How Fill Gas Choice Affects Method Accuracy

Sulfur compound stability in air sampling canisters is generally quite poor, but it is most accurately measured using air instead of nitrogen as the fill gas for method validation, calibration, and QC samples.
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The RAVE Family of Air Sampling Valves: Excellence is Our Standard

Introduce your Restek and Entech air sampling canisters to Restek Air Valve Excellence. Long life and easy, leak-free operation of RAVE valves is standard on SilcoCan, TO-Can, and miniature cans. (PDF - 2845kB)
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Thermal Desorption Tubes: Versatile Air Sampling for a Wide Range of Applications

This flyer give an overview of TD sampling and describes many applications that can be sampled using this versatile technique. Includes a comparison of tube and canister sampling, to help you determine which VOC sampling technique is best for you. (PDF - 0kB)
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Thermal Desorption: A Practical Applications Guide: I. Environmental Air Monitoring and Occupational Health & Safety

Thermal desorption is now recognized as the technique of choice for environmental air monitoring and occupational health and safety. This 28-page publication from Markes International Ltd. presents several real world thermal desorption applications. (PDF - 0kB)
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Thermal Desorption: A Practical Applications Guide: II. Residual Volatiles & Materials Emissions Testing

Thermal desorption is a convenient, fully automated alternative to solvent extraction for measuring residual volatiles. This 32-page publication from Markes International Ltd. details the testing of a wide variety of products using thermal desorption. (PDF - 0kB)

Versatile, High-Performing radiello Passive Air Samplers

Now available from Restek, Radiello passive diffusive air samplers feature a unique 3D radial design that outperforms standard 2D flat axial air samplers. Reliable, cost-effective Radiello samplers offer both high sensitivity for low-level detection in short sampling times (down to 15 min), as well as higher capacity so accurate results can be obtained over longer (30 day) periods. These exceptional air samplers are available with a wide range of adsorbents suitable for many applications.

Whole Air Canister Sampling and Preconcentration GC-MS Analysis for pptv Levels of Trimethylsilanol in Semiconductor Cleanroom Air

Issues with trimethylsilanol scanner haze and optics haze have created a need for trace-level methods in the semiconductor industry. The whole air canister-based GC-MS method developed here couples pptv level sensitivity with near instant grab samples, allowing for the rapid screening of cleanrooms.

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