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Backed by a long history of supporting environmental labs, Restek's high-performance chromatography supplies and world-class
technical service equip you to achieve:

  • Faster throughput and lower cost per sample.
  • Accurate, reliable, and legally defensible data.
  • Hassle-free compliance with method requirements.

Life in an environmental testing lab can be incredibly stressful, and the hours brutally long. Rework, a down instrument, data errors, cost overruns... when you face a growing backlog of samples with expiring hold times, even the smallest snag is another roadblock between you and your evening’s plans. That’s where Restek comes in.

Think of Us as Your Trail Guide...

..through the complex matrices and chromatographic methods of the environmental testing landscape. Restek has devoted over 30 years to environmental chromatography, particularly in supporting laboratories who analyze volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and extractable organic compounds (EOCs or semivolatiles) in water, soil, air, and waste materials. In fact, many of our in-house experts cut their chromatographic teeth in environmental labs just like yours, so we know what struggles you face—and how to help you solve them.

Performance-Based Products for Your Environmental Lab


Our high-performance, industry-proven LC and GC columns and sample preparation products, many tailored specifically for environmental chromatography methods, will help you reliably attain accurate and legally defensible data with faster turnaround and lower cost per sample.


Over 97.5% of the Restek-manufactured reference standards in our catalog are certified reference materials (CRMs) that will help you more easily meet EPA, EN, and other regulatory requirements.


As an independent company, we develop LC and GC accessories that can improve the performance and decrease the downtime of any make or model of instrument in your lab.


And, we are one of only two companies in the industry that manufactures our own air sampling canisters—durable, leak-free RAVE valves are featured on our full line of TO-Can, SilcoCan, and miniature air sampling canisters.

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Our experienced Technical Service group specializes in providing information about Restek products, applications, troubleshooting, method development, and more. For free, fast, personalized, and thorough answers to your most challenging technical questions, contact Restek Technical Service today.


Especially for high-throughput environmental labs, our standing orders (also known as blanket orders) provide a convenient way to significantly lower costs and ensure timely delivery of business-critical LC and GC consumables and reference standards. Contact your local Restek representative inside the U.S. or outside the U.S. to discuss delivery and purchase options as well as to request literature, get a personal consultation or product demonstration, arrange on-site training, and more.


Looking for the latest news and discussion on environmental sampling and analysis? Look no further than ChromaBLOGraphy. Restek’s blog is where we share our thoughts on current trends in chromatography, best practices, and troubleshooting tips. Best of all, you can weigh in yourself.

Making a Difference
One Chromatogram at a Time

In the end, a successful LC or GC environmental analysis doesn’t just help you, your lab, and your customers; it helps protect the planet and improve public health. Contact Restek today, and, together, we can make a difference—and get you out the door early enough to enjoy the world you are working so hard to defend.

in Soil and Water


If you're in an environmental lab analyzing soil or water samples for extractable organic compounds (EOCs or semivolatiles), check out these featured resources. Looking for more information? Check out the Resources tab above.

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Combined Determination of 1,4-Dioxane and Nitrosamine Contaminants in Drinking Water
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4-Minute Bisphenol A (BPA) Analysis Increases Sample Throughput
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Fast Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) by HPLC-UV
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Seven EPA Methods on One Column Pair Using a micro-ECD; Analyze Pesticides, PCBs, Herbicides and More
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Half the Column, Same Chromatogram: Maintain Resolution of BDE 49 and BDE 71 with Proper Method Translation After Trimming for Maintenance   Read Now

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Fingerprinting Crude Oils and Tarballs using Biomarkers and Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography   Read Now


Rtx-CLPesticides カラム (フューズドシリカ)

(特許の Crossbond 液相)

  • Application-specific columns for organochlorine pesticides and herbicides.
  • Low bleed—ideal for high sensitivity GC-ECD or GC-MS analyses.
  • Baseline separations in less than 10 minutes.
  • Stable to 320–340 °C.
  • Analyze EPA Method 8081B, 8082A, 8151A, 504.1, 515, 508.1, and 552.2 compounds without time-consuming column changes.

Rtx-CLPesticides2 カラム (フューズドシリカ)

(特許の Crossbond 液相)

  • Application-specific columns for organochlorine pesticides and herbicides.
  • Low bleed—ideal for high sensitivity GC-ECD or GC-MS analyses.
  • Baseline separations in less than 10 minutes.
  • Stable to 320–340 °C.
  • Analyze EPA Method 8081B, 8082A, 8151A, 504.1, 515, 508.1, and 552.2 compounds without time-consuming column changes.

中極性不活性化処理 ガード/リテンションギャップ カラム/トランスファーライン (フューズドシリカ)

  • Tested with a comprehensive test mix to ensure high inertness.
  • Useful for a wide range of applications.
  • Use with most common solvents.
  • Maximum temperature: 325 °C.

Rxi-5ms カラム (フューズドシリカ)

微極性 ; Crossbond ジフェニル ジメチル ポリシロキサン

  • 汎用カラム。半揮発性化合物、フェノール類、アミン類、残留溶媒、乱用薬物、農薬、PCB同族体(アロクロール混合物など)、溶媒中の不純物分析など。
  • 業界で最も不活性なカラム。
  • 超低ブリード確認試験済み。超低ブリードにより、シグナルノイズ比による感度とマススペクトルの一致率が改善されます。
  • 使用温度範囲:-60℃~330/350℃
  • USP G27、G36に相当

Rxi-5Sil MS カラム (フューズドシリカ)

微極性; Crossbond 1,4-bis(ジメチルシロキシ)フェニレン ジメチル ポリシロキサン

  • 低ブリードなGC-MS用カラム。
  • 活性のある化合物に対する優れた不活性度。
  • 汎用カラム-半揮発性化合物、多環芳香族化合物、有機塩素化合物、フタル酸エステル、フェノール類、アミン類、有機塩素系農薬、有機リン系農薬、薬物、溶媒中の不純物および炭化水素などのGC-MS分析に最適。
  • 使用温度範囲:-60 °C ~ 350 °C

Rxi ガード/リテンションギャップ カラム (フューズドシリカ)

  • Extend column lifetime.
  • Excellent inertness—obtain lower detection limits for active compounds.
  • Sharper chromatographic peaks by utilizing retention gap technology.
  • Maximum temperature: 360 °C.

Rtx-5 (G27) カラム (フューズドシリカ)

微極性 液相; Crossbond ジフェニル ジメチル ポリシロキサン

  • 汎用カラム。薬物、溶媒中の不純物、農薬、炭化水素、PCB同族体(アロクロール混合物など)、精油、半揮発性化合物など。
  • USP G27、G36に相当

Rtx-VMS カラム (フューズドシリカ)

(特許の Crossbond 液相)

  • Method TO-15、TMEおよびEPA8260などGC-MSによる揮発性有機化合物分析用のアプリケーション専用カラム
  • EPA Method 8260に記載されている化合物を10分以内に完全分離
  • 最高使用温度260℃
  • 同等の液相は他にはありません

Rxi-624Sil MS カラム (フューズドシリカ)

(中極性 Crossbond 液相)

  • 低ブリードで温度安定性に優れています-最高使用温度300-320℃-。
  • 不活性度が高く幅広い化合物に対して良好なピーク形状を実現。
  • 液相G43は揮発性有機物と残留溶媒に対する優れた選択性を有し、 USP<467>に最適です。
  • 優れたカラム間再現性でメソッドバリデーションを要する分析に最適です。

Pinnacle II PAH HPLC カラム

Particle: 4 µm, spherical
Pore Size: 110 Å
Carbon Load: proprietary
End-Cap: no
Surface Area: 180 m2/g
pH Range: 2.5 to 8
Maximum Temperature: 80 °C

Raptor C18 LC カラム (USP L1)

  • 逆相クロマトグラフィーで一般的に使用されるトラディショナルなエンドキャップがほどこされたC18の理想形
  • 広いpH範囲(2-8)により多くのアプリケーションやマトリックス及び化合物において優れたデータ品質が得られます
  • Raptor固定相のうち最も疎水性保持が強い
  • Restek のコアシェルタイプRaptor LC カラム の粒子径サイズは1.8、2.7および5µm

Raptor ARC-18 LC カラム (USP L1)

  • 理想的なハイスループットLC-MS/MSアプリケーションを最低限のサンプル前処理で
  • 多成分一斉分析とより良い検出のためのバランスのとれた保持プロファイル
  • 保持やピーク形状を犠牲にせずに低pHの移動相の使用が可能
  • Restek のコアシェルタイプRaptor LC カラム の粒子径サイズは1.8、2.7および5µm

Raptor EXP ガードカラムカートリッジ

  • カートリッジは手締めで簡単に交換できます。工具は必要ありません。
  • チタンハイブリッドフェラルは、高圧シールを損なうことなく繰り返し装着することができます。
  • 接続は汎用的な10-32ポートで、自動調整のゼロデッドボリューム接続が可能です。

Ultra Carbamate カラム

Particle: 3 µm or 5 µm, spherical
Pore Size: 100 Å
Carbon Load: proprietary
Surface Area: 300 m2/g
pH Range: 2.5 to 8
Maximum Temperature: 80 °C

Ultra Aqueous C18 カラム (USP L1)

Stationary Phase Category: modified C18 (L1)
Ligand Type: proprietary polar modified and functionally bonded C18
Particle: 3 µm or 5 µm, spherical
Pore Size: 100 Å
Carbon Load: 15%
End-Cap: no
Surface Area: 300 m2/g
pH Range: 2.5 to 8
Maximum Temperature: 80 °C

Ultra ガードカートリッジ

Particle size: 5 µm spherical
Pore size: 100 Å

For a detailed description of the stationary phase in this guard cartridge, see the product page for an analytical column with the same silica and stationary phase (e.g., Ultra C18).

Rtx-Dioxin2 カラム (フューズドシリカ)

(特許の Crossbond 液相)

  • Isomer specificity for 2,3,7,8-TCDD and 2,3,7,8-TCDF achieved with one GC column.
  • Thermally stable to 340 °C for longer lifetime.
  • Unique selectivity for toxic dioxin and furan congeners allows use as a confirmation GC column.

Rtx-1614 カラム (フューズドシリカ)

5% ジフェニル, 95% ジメチルポリシロキサン

  • EPA Method 1614によるPBDE分析に最適化。
  • カラムの長さを短くすることでBDE-209を1/3の時間で分離し、熱による分解を低減します。
  • 独自の不活性化処理により、他のカラムより優れたBDE-209のレスポンスを得ることができます。
  • EPA Method 1614のBDE-49 と BDE-71の分離度基準を満たしています。
  • 360℃まで安定。

Rxi-XLB カラム (フューズドシリカ)

(低極性 専有液相)

  • 非常に低ブリードな汎用カラム。農薬、PCB同族体(アロクロール混合物)、PAHsなどのGC-MSのアプリケーションに最適です。
  • 独自の選択性。
  • 温度範囲: 30 °C ~ 360 °C.

Rxi-PAH カラム (フューズドシリカ)

(中極性 proprietary 液相)

  • EFSA PAH4分析に最適—ベンゾ[a]アントラセン、クリセン、ベンゾ[b]フルオランテンおよびベンゾ[a]ピレンの全てを分離します。
  • トリフェニレンとシクロペンタ[cd]ピレンからのクリセンの分離能に最も優れています。
  • ベンゾ[b]、[k]、[j]および[a]フルオランテンの完全分離。
  • 360℃の熱安定性により、揮発性の低いジベンゾピレンの分析が可能です。

Reference Standards

GC 分析用農薬キット

  • Accurately identify and quantify pesticide residues by GC-MS/MS in fruits, vegetables, botanicals, and herbals such as tea, ginseng, ginger, echinacea, and dietary supplements.
  • Comprehensive 203-compound kit covers food safety lists by the FDA, USDA, and other global governmental agencies; individual ampuls also sold separately.

LC 分析用農薬キット

  • Accurately detect and quantify pesticides of global food safety concern in a wide range of fruits, vegetables, and other commodities by LC-MS/MS.
  • Full kit contains 204 compounds of interest, covering many LC-determined pesticides listed by government agencies; individual ampuls also sold separately.

Aroclor Solutions

  • Aroclor standards may exhibit lot-to-lot variation.
  • See the Documentation tab for chromatograms on certificates of recently produced lots and inquire about availability.

Sample Handling

Canisters and Accessories

SilcoCan and TO-Can air sampling canisters with RAVE valve, passive air sampling kits, gauges, valves, flow controllers, and much more.

Gas Sampling Bags

Multi-layer, ALTEF, and Tedlar sampling bags; vacuum bag samplers; replacement parts; and syringes.

Thermal Desorption (TD) Products

Thermal desorption (TD) tubes in a variety of styles, grab samplers, multiple tube sequential samplers, sampling pumps, and accessories.



Resprep SPE カートリッジ (順相)


Resprep CarboPrep SPE カートリッジ

  • スルホニルウレア系除草剤、フェノール、カーバメイトおよびトリアジン系除草剤の回収率がC18やC8カートリッジに比べて向上します。
  • 分析種およびその代謝物あるいは分解物に対する幅広い選択性を有します。
  • サンプル流量は早く、回収率に優れています。
  • 最大限のクリーンナップ容量。
  • 製造工程をコントロールすることで、きれいで再現性のある性能を実現しました。
  • サンプルからの色素除去に優れています。


  • 便利な積層タイプのカートリッジ。
  • 農薬の一斉分析におけるマトリックス除去に使用できます。
  • 栄養補助食品のクリーンナップにも最適です。

ASE Extraction System Supplies

Cells, replacement parts, tools, and accessories for ASE extraction systems.

Canister Cleaning System

The TO-Clean Canister Cleaning System plus accessories and optional humidification chamber.

CarboPrep リバーシブル型 SPE カートリッジ

  • 大容量サンプリング向けの高い吸着能(表面積は200m2/gまで)
  • クロマトグラフィーグレードのグラファイトカーボンが使用されており、半揮発性化合物や農薬分析において一貫性のある回収率をもたらします。
  • ベッド重量500 mg。


  • 高品質無水硫酸ナトリウム。
  • 両端がオス/メスのルアー接続可能な自動化装置対応タイプ。約2 gが充填されています。
  • 様々な分析に使用可能な有機溶媒溶液からの水分除去用です。
  • ラボでの長期間の保存も可能です。

ResPrep SPEカートリッジ (逆相)



Bulk Adsorbents

Bulk solid phase extraction (SPE) adsorbents, including Florisil PR, diatomaceous earth, Ottawa sand, granulated activated copper, and sodium sulfate.


Resprep SPE disks.

Manifolds and Replacement Parts

Resprep SPE manifolds and lids, sample delivery systems, and replacement parts; oil-free vacuum/pressure stations; vacuum tubing.

Sample Filtration

Syringe filters, Thomson SINGLE StEP filter vials, and accessories.

PUF and XAD Resin Sampling

Ultra-clean XAD-2-equivalent resin; cleaned polyurethane foam (PUF) cartridges, holders, and plugs; SDVB resin.

Gas Sampling Valves & Loops

Add gas sampling valves and loops, replacement rotors, syringes, and syringe O-rings to your order for convenient one-stop shopping.


Restek ProFLOW 6000 Electronic Flowmeter

Flowmeters that can measure flammable gases are becoming mandatory due to the increased use of hydrogen in chromatography. With its Ex rating, the Restek ProFLOW 6000 meter is designed specifically with explosive and flammable gases in mind.

The Restek ProFLOW 6000 is the only flowmeter you need for any type of chromatography gas measurement because of its wide range of capabilities. The ProFLOW 6000 is an electronic meter capable of measuring volumetric flow for most gases. Real-time measurements can be made for various types of flow paths, including continually changing gas types. This portable unit is designed for easy handheld use, and the stand adds benchtop convenience.

Restek リークディテクタ


  • 幅広いガスを検知し、音と光でリークの状態を音でお知らせします
  • 充電中も使用可能で完全充電後12時間稼働できます
  • USBでもAC電源アダプタでも充電できます
  • ピンポイントのリークを検出し、リークによりシステムがダメージを受ける前に対処しましょう
  • 操作しやすく、使いやすいサイズでどこでもリークを検出

Inlet Liners and Liner Supplies

Restek's huge selection of GC inlet liners; choose by instrument manufacturer, deactivation, configuration and style, or material.


Premium non-stick BTO, Thermolite, Merlin Microseal, and standard septa for all common makes and models of instrument.

Column Connectors

Our wide variety of GC column connectors features universal Press-Tight, defined PressFit, and permanent SilTite µ-union connectors among many other options.


Standard and specialty ferrules for a range of instruments, column connectors, and material needs.

Other Inlet Supplies

Inlet seals, inlet maintenance kits, tools, gauges, nuts, O-rings, regulators, and much more.

Gas Generators

Featuring Parker Balston hydrogen, nitrogen, zero air, and other generators as well as maintenance kits.

Gas Purification

Filters and traps to remove hydrocarbons, moisture, and oxygen from carrier and FID gas; connectors; S-traps; and accessories. 

GC Fittings

Fitting kits, nuts, tees, unions, plugs, reducers, connectors, and other hardware needed for your GC in stainless steel, brass, and Siltek/Sulfinert or Silcosteel-CR treatment


Autosampler and manual syringes as well as replacement needles, plungers, and O-rings

Purge-and-Trap Supplies

Spargers, syringes, by-pass lines, VOA sampling vials, and injection port weldments for purge-and-trap instruments.

Vials and Plates

Vials, caps and septa, inserts, racks, and well plates for your entire lab.

Detector Supplies

EI filaments; ETP electron multipliers; nuts, connectors, and fittings; pump oil; ECD make-up gas kits; tools; weldments.... If you need it for your detector, it's right here.

Autosampler Replacement Parts

Rinse/waste vials, belts, injector turret motors, turret tray assemblies, and injector posts.

Maintenance Supplies for Capillary Columns

Scoring wafers and cutters, column caps, high-temp string, hangers, rinsing reservoirs, and other products for capillary column maintenance.


Filter by copper, instrument-grade stainless steel, or passivated stainless steel, and find accessories like cutting tools and tubing benders.

Ultra High Purity Regulators

Single-stage, dual-stage, and in-line gas regulators, switchover systems, protocol stations, and accessories.

LC-MS/MS Analysis of Acrylamide in Drinking Water Using Large Volume Injection

In this work, we share a method for the analysis of acrylamide in drinking water at low ppt levels using large volume injections directly into an LC-MS/MS.


Rtx-Wax: A Rugged and Reliable Choice for the Analysis of Glycols in Water

Three types of polyethylene glycol (PEG) columns from different vendors were evaluated to determine which performed best for the analysis of glycols in water. The columns were first challenged with exposure to 600 aqueous injections and then linearity, lifetime, and bleed were assessed. Rtx-Wax columns performed well throughout the test and were the only columns that passed all tests.


Integrating the Analysis of Ultrashort-Chain PFAS - Method Development for Simultaneous Analysis of Ultrashort-Chain, Alternative, and Legacy PFAS

A simple dilute-and-shoot method was developed and validated for the LC-MS/MS analysis of ultrashort-chain PFAS simultaneously with alternative and legacy PFAS in various water samples. This method is recommended for analytical labs wanting to use a single method to analyze compounds from all three PFAS categories in potable and non-potable waters.


Improve EPH Testing Accuracy and Efficiency with Resprep EPH Fractionation SPE Cartridges

New and improved Resprep EPH fractionation SPE cartridges from Restek completely separate aliphatic and aromatic compounds, and they are guaranteed to produce background levels that are below the strict reporting limits of MA and NJ EPH methods. Superior lot-to-lot reproducibility and storage stability mean every lot will perform the same as the lot before it.


Featured Application: Paraquat and Diquat on Raptor HILIC-Si - LC-MS/MS Analysis of Paraquat and Diquat without Ion-Pairing Reagents

LC-MS/MS analysis of paraquat and diquat herbicides is an important tool for protecting human and environmental health. However, the ion-pairing reagents that are commonly used to improve retention, resolution, and peak shape have a negative impact on sensitivity and can contaminate the system necessitating frequent cleaning. The LC-MS/MS analysis of paraquat and diquat presented here provides complete separation and good peak response for both target analytes in a fast, 7-minute gradient run without the use of troublesome ion pairing reagents.


Analysis of Trace Oxygenates in Petroleum-Contaminated Wastewater, Using Purge-and-Trap GC-MS (U.S. EPA Methods 5030B & 8260)

Determination of oxygenates in a gasoline-water matrix is difficult because analytes such as MTBE and TBA coelute on many columns and share GC-MS identification ions. We developed a sensitive, accurate analysis using an Rtx-VMS column and optimized conditions.


Optimized Volatiles Analysis Ensures Fast VOC Separations

Analytical conditions for GC analysis of volatile organic compounds have been optimized to ensure good resolution of critical pairs, while maximizing sample throughput. Rxi-624Sil MS columns are shown to outperform other 624s.


Featured Application: Aldehydes and Ketones in Air Samples on Raptor ARC-18 and C18 LC Columns - Improve Analysis of Aldehydes and Ketones in Air Samples with Faster, More Accurate Methodology

To help labs improve analytical speed and accuracy, Restek has developed LC columns and instrument conditions that reliably provide baseline separation of commonly analyzed DNPH derivatives of aldehydes and ketones in air samples in just minutes. Using these products and procedures assures fast, accurate determination of aldehydes and ketones in air and offers an opportunity for improved sample throughput compared to typical methods.


Storage Stability of 66 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Silicon-Lined Air Canisters for 30 Days

The recoveries of 66 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) typically analyzed as part of the EPA Method TO-15 were evaluated for two commercially available silicon-lined (SL) air canisters. For the majority of the 66 VOCs, there were no appreciable differences in recoveries and stabilities between the canisters for both dry and humid conditions over 30 days of storage. Acrolein, dibromochloromethane, and bromoform were the only three compounds that appear to be unstable in both SL canister types; however, only under the humid (93% RH) condition.


Rapid Determination of TO-15 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Air

The efficacy of using a Nutech preconcentrator and a 30 m analytical column for VOC analysis of air samples according to Method TO-15 was evaluated. Results demonstrate that method criteria were easily met and in much faster analysis times than typical methods based on 60 m columns.


Helium, Hydrogen, or Nitrogen—The Choice is Yours: Unique Rtx-CLPesticides Column Set Provides Optimal Results for Organochlorine Pesticides GC-Micro-ECD Analysis Using Any Carrier Gas

Using an Rtx-CLPesticides column set is the best strategy for labs considering alternate carrier gases as a way to reduce helium consumption. These columns have a unique selectivity and produce faster results than competitor columns when using either helium or hydrogen. In addition, only Rtx-CLPesticides columns can be used with nitrogen, which give labs the freedom to choose the carrier gas option that is best for them.


Combined Determination of 1,4-Dioxane and Nitrosamine Contaminants in Drinking Water - Using a Single SPE Cartridge and Concurrent Solvent Recondensation–Large Volume Splitless Injection (CSR-LVSI) with EI GC-MS

Typically, 1,4-dioxane and nitrosamines are analyzed in drinking water following separate extraction and analysis procedures, such as Methods 521 and 522. However, here we present a combined method that uses large volume splitless injection and GC-MS (SIM) to meet low part-per-trillion detection limits for these compounds in a fraction of the time required when running separate methods.


Accurately Quantify PAHs Down to 5 pg On-Column - GC/MS SIM Analysis with the Rxi-5Sil MS Column

Semivolatiles methods, such as EPA Method 8270, place stringent demands on gas chromatography (GC) columns. Here we demonstrate the performance of Rxi-5Sil MS columns for semivolatiles analysis in terms of bleed, efficiency, and activity. Excellent sensitivity and resolution are seen, even for difficult PAHs such as benzo(b)fluoranthene & benzo(k)fluoranthene, and indeno(1,2,3-cd)pyrene and dibenzo(a,h)anthracene. Both basic and acidic compounds show good response even at low levels.


Featured Application: Carbamate Pesticides on an Ultra Carbamate LC Column - Analyze Carbamate Pesticides in a Fraction of the Time and Boost Productivity

Carbamate pesticides can be analyzed much faster on an Ultra Carbamate LC column than on a C18 column. Whether using UV, fluorescence, or LC-MS detection, labs can achieve accurate carbamate determinations in just 5–10 minutes using an Ultra Carbamate column and certified reference materials from Restek.


Featured Application: Fast Analysis of Bisphenol A on a Raptor Biphenyl LC Column - 4-Minute Bisphenol A (BPA) Analysis Increases Sample Throughput

A Raptor Biphenyl column is a better choice for BPA analysis than a conventional C18 column. On a Raptor Biphenyl column, narrow, symmetrical bisphenol A peaks elute in less than 2 minutes, providing a fast and selective means to isolate and quantitate bisphenol A by LC-MS/MS.


Featured Application: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) on a Pinnacle II PAH HPLC Column - Fast Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) by HPLC-UV

Pinnacle II PAH columns were developed by Restek as an alternative to C18 columns specifically for the analysis of PAHs by HPLC. These reliable columns provide baseline resolution of key PAHs in a fast ~15 minute analysis without the expense of UHPLC equipment.


Half the Column, Same Chromatogram: Maintain Resolution of BDE 49 and BDE 71 with Proper Method Translation After Trimming an Rtx-1614 Column for Maintenance

Column trimming can extend GC column lifetime when analyzing polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs); however, the method must be adapted to the shorter column length in order to maintain separation of critical congeners. Here we demonstrate that with proper method translation an Rtx-1614 GC column can be trimmed nearly in half and still meet resolution requirements for BDE 49 and BDE 71.


Fingerprinting Crude Oils and Tarballs using Biomarkers and Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography

Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography time-of-flight mass spectrometry (GCxGC-TOFMS) was used to analyze petroleum biomarkers creating unique fingerprints of crude oil samples and tarballs collected after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

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Increase Productivity for Dioxin and Furan Analysis with Rtx-Dioxin2 GC Columns

Rtx-Dioxin2 columns have higher temperature stability (340 °C) than other confirmation columns and also provide isomer specificity for both 2,3,7,8-TCDD and 2,3,7,8-TCDF in a single column. These attributes allowed the Maxxam Analytics HR-MS group to make productivity improvements that resulted their being honored with a Kaizen award. (PDF - 0MB)

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New Rxi-PAH GC Column; Resolve Important Isobaric Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons for Food Safety and Environmental Methods

Separate isobaric polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, including priority EFSA PAH4 compounds benz[a]anthracene, chrysene, benzo[b]fluoranthene, and benzo[a]pyrene, easily and accurately on an Rxi-PAH column. Whether you need more resolution or faster analysis, these new GC columns offer the selectivity and efficiency you need for food safety and environmental PAH analysis. (PDF - 0MB)

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Improve GC Analysis of Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons Using Resprep EPH Fractionation SPE Cartridges

New manufacturing and testing procedures for Resprep EPH fractionation SPE cartridges reduce background levels of extractable contaminants and assure more reliable fractionation of aliphatics from aromatics. (PDF - 0MB)

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Analyze Seven EPA Methods on One GC Column Pair! Pesticides, PCBs, Herbicides, and More on Rtx-CLPesticides & Rtx-CLPesticides2 Columns

Rtx-CLPesticides and Rtx-CLPesticides2 columns are ideal for multiple environmental ECD methods. Here we demonstrate the effectiveness of this column pair for chlorinated pesticides, PCBs as Aroclors, chlorinated herbicides, and haloacetic acids. Includes EPA Methods 8081B, 8082A, 8151A, 504.1, 505, 508.1, and 552.2. Speed up your analyses and reduce downtime using the versatile Rtx-CLPesticides/Rtx-CLPesticides2 column pair in a dual column configuration. (PDF - 0MB)

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Reduce Helium Consumption by 68% Using Nitrogen Purge Gas for VOCs in Water

Labs analyzing purgeable organic compounds in water can save money and reduce helium dependence by using Method 524.4 with nitrogen purge gas and an Rtx-VMS column. By making the switch, you can reduce helium consumption by 68%, while meeting all Method 524.4 requirements. (PDF - 0MB)

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Accurately Quantify 380 Pesticides Using LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS

Stop spending your time and money developing LC-MS/MS or GC-MS/MS multiresidue pesticide methods and mixing reference standards when you could be running samples. Restek’s expert formulations chemists and chromatographers have already done the work for you—with guaranteed accuracy and at a lower cost. (PDF - 0MB)

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The First and Only Complete CRMs Formulated Specifically for EPA Method 525.3

Whether you analyze volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in drinking water using EPA Methods 525.2 or 525.3, Restek now offers a complete suite of CRMs containing all the compounds you need and none that you don't. (PDF - 0MB)

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Volatile Organic Reference Materials for U.S. EPA Method 8260

Restek offers all the required surrogate, internal standard, calibration check, matrix spike, and tuning mixtures required by EPA Method 8260. Our volatile organic reference materials are ready to use and prepared in as few solutions as possible for maximum shelf life. Fewer ampuls to open means fewer errors in preparation. (PDF - 0MB)

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Replacement Parts and Accessories for ASE Systems

Restek offers a wide range of replacement parts and accessories for accelerated solvent extraction to keep your ASE system running smoothly. We carry extraction cell parts, PEEK washers, collection vials, O-rings, filters, tools, and more, all economically priced and designed to meet or exceed the performance of the original manufacturer’s parts. (PDF - 2MB)

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Keep Your Instruments Up and Running with CarboPrep Plus SPE Cartridges

Keep your organochlorine pesticides analysis GCs up and running by protecting them against matrix components. CarboPrep Plus cartridges surpass traditional Florisil products in removal of sample matrix compounds that cause analyte degradation and downtime due to failed calibration checks. Since CarboPrep Plus cartridges use the same equipment and procedure as Florisil cartridges, the impact to sample prep labs is minimal while the benefit to analytical lab productivity is tremendous. (PDF - 5MB)

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Improve Acrylamide Analysis with Allure Acrylamide LC Columns and Certified Reference Standards

Meet method requirements for food and drinking water quickly and easily with Allure Acrylamide LC columns, guards, and reference standards. (PDF - 2MB)

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Semivolatile Organic Reference Materials: US EPA Method 8270D/8270C and Appendix IX Target Compounds

Restek offers all the required surrogate, internal standard, calibration check, matrix spike, and tuning mixtures required by EPA Method 8270. Our semivolatile organic reference materials are ready to use and prepared in as few solutions as possible for maximum shelf life. Fewer ampuls to open means fewer errors in preparation. (PDF - 0MB)

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Improve Underground Storage Tank Compliance Monitoring with Restek CRMs

Analytical methods for underground storage tank testing often pose challenges and require unique mixtures for calibration and matrix spike samples. Restek tracks new developments in UST monitoring and responds with mixes to meet these needs. This flyer features fuel composite standards, single source fuel standards, fuel surrogate standards, fuel internal standards, and standards blended for specific state methods. (PDF - 0MB)


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