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SPME Arrows: ~4x More Sensitive than Traditional SPME Fibers

By now, you’ve heard that Restek PAL SPME Arrows are stronger and more durable than traditional fibers, typically lasting 2-3 times longer, but did you also know they are ~4x more sensitive? See for yourself with this comparison of ISO 17943 VOCs.

ARC-18 Columns: A C18 by Any Other Name Is Not the Same

It’s said that not all C18 columns are the same, and that is certainly true. The "AR" in Restek’s ARC-18 means "acid resistant" and our unique steric protection ensures Raptor ARC-18 columns provide consistent retention even in low-pH MS mobile phases.

High-Pressure Survival of the Fittest LC Column Testing

Looking for an LC column that stands up to high-pressure punishment? Force LC columns survive our arduous lifetime testing of 1000 injections at 12,000 psi, so you know they will perform reliably under your toughest conditions.

Increase Productivity with Stable, Inert Topaz Inlet Liners

Any time your GC is offline, like for inlet liner changes, cost per analysis goes up and revenue for your lab goes down. See how stable, inert Topaz inlet liners outperform competitors and keep more samples running through your lab.