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Feed Your Need for Speed with Raptor 1.8 µm SPP UHPLC Columns

SPP or “core-shell” columns provide fast, efficient LC separations, and Raptor SPP columns pair this speed with superior performance. Read on as we explore the peak capacity, column lifetime, and selectivity benefits of Raptor 1.8 µm columns.

Online Tool Speeds up the Selection Process for Stock and Custom Standards

We’ve added new functionality to our online reference standards request form! Simply enter your compound list and we’ll either match it to a stock standard that’s ready to ship or let you request a custom product that meets your exact needs.

Faster GC: Use Hydrogen Carrier Gas to Decrease Analysis Time

One of the easiest ways to speed up your GC analyses is to switch to hydrogen carrier gas. Our technical blog explains how this approach is one of the best solutions, especially if you don’t have any “extra” resolution between your peaks.

Same Separation, Speedier Solution

Happy with your current GC-MS method, but need results faster? This video shows you how using a GC Accelerator kit and adapting your method to a scaled-down, more efficient column using our EZGC method translator is a surprisingly simple solution.